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Home of the Original Co-Jack and other fine Wisconsin Cheeses!

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Shipping Notice: In order to insure product freshness and quality, we recommend shipping via 2nd Day Air to all areas other than the Midwest. Please note that we are not liable if you choose to ship your package ground.

Award winning Wisconsin Colby Cheese

If you are looking for that perfect gift for that perfect someone then you have arrived at the right place! Whether it's anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, holiday gifts, or corporate gifts we are certain Arena Cheese unique gift ideas has you covered. Arena Cheese specializes in producing the finest Wisconsin Cheese for the entire country to enjoy!

Arena Cheese is located in the Wisconsin River Valley on State Highway 14 in Arena, Wisconsin. Arena Cheese is the home of the original Co-Jack Cheese and is easily recognized by the mouse in front of the cheese and gift store.

Arena Cheese is a 10-time medal winner in the US and World Cheese Contest!

Making cheese curds in our Arena WI cheese factory

Watch How Fresh Wisconsin Cheese is Made

Arena Cheese provides a viewing area so you can watch our artesian cheese maker making different varieties of cheeses. Samples of some of our various cheeses are available for your tasting pleasure. Don’t forget to take home fresh “squeaky” cheese curds made daily.

Bus tour groups are always welcome and a narrative of the cheese making process is available with an advance notice.

Please feel free to give us a call at 608-753-2501 for any questions or concerns.

Below is a list of Arena Cheese's best selection of Wisconsin Cheese:

Natural Cheeses



$4.00 lb.

Co-Jack Deli

$4.25 lb.


$4.00 lb.

Colby Deli

$4.25 lb.

Pepper Jack

$5.05 lb.

Pepper Jack Deli

$5.25 lb.

Mild Cheddar

$4.35 lb.

Medium Cheddar

$4.65 lb.

Sharp Cheddar 1yr.old

$4.95 lb.

Super Sharp Cheddar 2 yr

$6.45 lb.

4yr Old Cheddar

$8.95 lb.

Baby Swiss Full Cream

$5.70 lb.

Mild Swiss

$5.80 lb.

Medium Swiss

$6.40 lb.

Aged Swiss

$6.50 lb.

Mild Brick

$5.35 lb.

Medium Brick

$6.45 lb.

Aged Brick

$7.90 lb.


$4.65 lb.

Caraway Muenster

$5.24 lb.

Mozzarella Part Skim

$4.80 lb.

Blue Cheese

$5.75 lb.

Cream Havarti

$7.80 lb.

Imported Dill Havarti

$9.10 lb.


$4.43 lb.

Smoked Provolone

$5.34 lb.

Aged Provolone

$7.24 lb.

Cream Cheese

$3.30 lb.

Fresh Cheese Curd 12 Oz

$3.50 Bag

Colby Caliente

$4.25 lb.

6yr Old Cheddar

$9.90 lb.

Party Pack

$5.45 lb.

Vegetable Jack

$4.25 lb.

Ranch Colby

$4.25 lb.

Cranberry White Cheddar

$6.54 lb.

Garlic and Herb Colby

$4.25 lb.

Processed Cheese


Salami Cheese

$5.45 lb.

Pepper Cheese

$4.37 lb.

Onion Cheese

$4.37 lb.

Garlic Cheese

$4.37 lb.

Bacon Cheese

$4.50 lb.

Smokey Swiss & Cheddar

$5.80 lb.

Smoked Cheddar

$5.80 lb.



Special Diet Cheeses


Lite Farmers

$4.99 lb.

Swiss Lace

$7.22 lb.






$4.59 lb.

Smoked Gouda

$4.94 lb.

Chocolate Cheese

$11.50 lb.

Limburger 8 oz.

$4.55 ea.

Brie 8 oz.

$5.89 ea.

String Cheese 16 oz

$5.00 ea.

Smoked String Cheese 16 oz

$5.10 ea.

String Cheese Whips 10 oz

$4.85 ea.



Waxed Cheese 4oz.


Black & White Cow

$5.00 ea.

Red Wisconsin Shape

$5.00 ea.





Jim's 1# & 2# Summer Sausage

$5.60 lb

Old WI 9oz Summer Sausage

$4.10 ea.

Old WI 20 oz. Summer Sausage

$6.87 ea.

Old WI Beef Sticks

$8.97 lb



Cheese Spreads


Owls Nest Cheese Spreads

$3.87 ea.


$3.90 ea.

Kaukauna Lite Vegetable

$3.90 ea.


Arena Cheese will ship cheese anywhere in the continental United States!

Contact us or call 608-753-2501 for a price list!

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